Fight in wars, sieges and more. Show your strength! Take your team and embark on a new adventure in unique instances! With custom skills and a balanced gameplay you can hunt your opponents to extinction!

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Welcome to Kemosa

Welcome fellow Lineage II player, tired of playing the same chronicles over and over? We know Interlude, Gracia, High Five and other chronicles going back to C4 have their unique qualities that can be attractive. But in the end, those servers limit your potential and limit the fun you can have. Well, that isn't the case here on Infinite Odyssey.

Now we know you are probably thinking a few things right now: how balanced is the game-play? what is custom and what isn't? how is the economy/farming setup? Infinite Odyssey is new, are there bugs?

Well here are some answers:

-Game play is based off a combination between the mechanics of the Gracia Final chronicles with a generous amount of modifications that appear in the newer chronicles. Providing you a balanced and unique game play that makes every character interesting to play and useful. While maintaining the theme of Lineage II.

-Almost everything is custom, from the farm zones, the raid bosses, the character skills are custom and learned at different levels. Essentially, the game has been re-worked to maximize the fun and PvP and to minimize the drone-like farming required on most servers.

-The economy and farming is also custom. Monsters drop materials that are important when crafting your armor or weapon and much more. Additionally the automated event system plays a crucial role in character development. If you want to be the best you will really have to show it.

-While Infinite Odyssey is new, there are no major bugs on our server, we are constantly searching, improving and fixing, and we encourage the players to report any issues they may have. As with all servers, Kemosa is a continuous development project.

written by L2Kemosa

added 8.02.2016

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